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Edison Opto initiates diverse market strategy

Edison Opto will launch AC modules with smart lighting control system, street light modules with multiple angles and the latest automotive LEDs at Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (from 27th to 30th October, 2015). All the latest products will make its debut in this event. We invite you to visit us at booth 5C-C22 in Hall 5, and experience the latest developments in LED lighting technologies.
13th October 2015

SMD & PLCC LEDs reduce the volume of luminaires required

A range of SMD and PLCC LEDs has been introduced by Edison Opto. The high voltage SMD LEDs consist of the 45V 3030 HV and the 5050 HV, which is available in 12, 60 and 65V. The 3030 HV and the 5050 HV are particularly cost-efficient, delivering 130lm/W and 150lm/W, respectively. Designed to be used with optical lens, the devices are suitable for outdoor lighting applications. The LEDs are particularly compact, making them useful in applications with limited space.
10th April 2015

LED filaments are designed to replace incandescent bulbs

LED filaments are designed to replace incandescent bulbs
Responding to the demand for environmentally friendly lighting, Edison Opto has introduced 0.8W LED filaments. The filaments, which operate a 4W LED bulb, have been designed to replace 40W incandescent bulbs. Through packaging technology and serial LED chips, the filaments can achieve 360° (omnidirectional) light distribution.
3rd October 2014

Edison Opto Upgrades The Performance Of Edipower II HM Series

Edison Opto has successfully introduced a complete product line of EdiPower II HM series, which includes 5W~40W for different applications. Recently, Edison Opto has extended to 40W high-power version (HM40). Using patented phosphor, HM40 improves the thermal stability and reduce the phenomenon of light decay. Furthermore, EdiPower II HM series is based on the mirror-like MCPCB which features excellent reflectivity (up to 98%), so that the luminous efficacy of components can be increased by 10% to 30% and the energy waste can be reduced effectively.
12th September 2013

Edison Opto Unveils Direct-Lit Light Bar For Backlight And Lighting Applications

Edison Opto Unveils Direct-Lit Light Bar For Backlight And Lighting Applications
Edison Opto has recently branched out into backlight market and released a direct-lit backlight / lighting module. Using the high efficacy component─ET-3528 as light source with secondary optical lens, the emitting angle of light bar can be widened up to 150°which expands the illumination range. In addition, thanks to the excellent light uniformity, naked eyes can’t see the light source even when the light bar is mounted in an ultra-thin light box. The direct-lit light bar is suitable as the light sources of TV backlight, panel light, advertising light box and refrigerated display case.
5th August 2013

The cooling solutions for Edison Opto’s EdiLex Zhaga LED Modules

The cooling solutions for Edison Opto’s EdiLex Zhaga LED Modules
In order to enable the interchangeability of LED light sources made by different manufacturers, Zhaga, which is an industry-wide cooperation between companies, has defined interfaces for a variety of application-specific light engines. Although the LED engines which comply with the Zhaga standards all have the same shape and can be mounted in the same way, that doesn’t mean they all perform in the same way.
20th June 2013

Edison Opto Provides Secondary Optical Design Services And Introduces A Series Of Optical Complements Solutions

Edison Opto Provides Secondary Optical Design Services And Introduces A Series Of Optical Complements Solutions
In the past decade, carbon reduction and environmental protection have become the emphasized issues in every country. LED is well-known for high efficacy and slim size; therefore, it has become an alternative replacement for traditional light source. Although LED features high efficiency and power saving, without appropriate optical complements, it may exist some shortcomings such as asymmetrical light pattern, light halo and it can’t be looked directly. Hence, secondary optical design is necessary to make the performance of LED similar to the traditional light sources. Secondary optical design is based on the principles of refraction and reflection so that the light which is emitted by LED can project on the desired lighting space. Moreover, secondary optical design can change the light angle and make lighting fixtures present the desired lighting effects.
4th April 2013

Edison Opto Will Bring PLCC and COB Series Products to Participate in INTERLIGHT MOSCOW 2012 and Electronica 2012

Since establishment, the Taiwanese leading LED manufacturer - Edison Opto has participated in many international exhibitions actively. In November, Edison Opto will take part in the largest lighting event in Eastern Europe─INTERLIGHT MOSCOW 2012 (from 06 Nov. to 09 Nov.), and the top event of global electronics industry─Electronica 2012 (from 13 Nov. to 16 Nov.). To answer these high profile lighting events, Edison Opto will exhibit the newest PLCC and COB series products to reflect the market trends and demonstrate their remarkable R&D achievements. By that time, Edison Opto is expected to attract the attention of customers and the industry.
31st October 2012

Edison Opto Participates in Hong Kong International Lighting Fair and its Full Range New Products are Highly Inquired

The Asian lighting industry event - HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) has started grandly since 27th October at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The Taiwanese leading lighting manufacturer in LED market - Edison Opto showcases the full range new products and attracts the attention of customers. Its PLCC, COB series products and the upcoming 150W new high bay are highly inquired, which demonstrate Edison Opto’s remarkable R&D achievements.
30th October 2012

Edison Opto LED Testing Laboratory Awarded UL Safety Certification

The photometric testing laboratory of Edison Opto, has become the first in Taiwan to receive certifications in both safety and lasting performance. Edison Opto is also a standout in the area of LED LM-80 (lumen maintenance). In early 2012, Edison Opto became the first LM 80 corporate testing laboratory to be certified by UL, and in September of the same year, was certified by UL as a product safety testing laboratory. The ability to truly integrate safety with durability in the LED product design phase, as well as the ability to effectively manage the time required to go from development to production, has bolstered Edison Opto’s competitive advantages in the LED lighting industry.
22nd October 2012

Edison Opto introduces the ultra-high cost-performance ratio product-Edixeon C Series

Edison Opto introduces the ultra-high cost-performance ratio product-Edixeon C Series
Due to the rise of environmental consciousness and the increase in electricity tariff, the LED lighting market is getting active. Edison Opto, a Taiwanese leading lighting manufacturer in high power LED market, has been developing the products which fit the market demand and environment protection actively since their establishment. Recently, Edison Opto has successfully developed the high cost-performance ratio product-Edixeon C Series, and showed their sophisticated R&D capability.
31st August 2012

Edison Opto Announces EdiPower®II HV series and a EdiPower®II Light Source Module—EDIS C

The Edison Opto has expanded its EdiPower®II product line to further increase choices for high voltage LEDs. The new EdiPower II-HV series delivers 710 to 1,300 operational lumens, two color temperatures including warm white and cool white are available, each with two different operating powers— 6-9W and 10-13W.
26th September 2011

Super small 4-chip LEDs – Federal FM Series is now available.

Super small 4-chip LEDs – Federal FM Series is now available.
The newly launched super small 4-10W 4-chip LED Series is now available in the full spectrum of white and RGBA, RGBW, RGGB multi colors. It offers great performance in a single ultra small component of only 5mm x 5mm. The super mini size allows designers to develop a much simpler optics and consequently help to reduce the overall system cost.
12th September 2011

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