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Ultrasonic camera enables speedy hyperspectral imaging acquisition

Ultrasonic camera enables speedy hyperspectral imaging acquisition
The research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies, imec, has announced that it will demonstrate at this week’s SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco its second generation high-speed SNAPSCAN hyperspectral imaging camera. The new hyperspectral camera uses an ultrasonic speed piezo motor stage and innovative software to enable the acquisition of high resolution hyperspectral images less than 200ms.
2nd February 2018

Video capturing solution covers live events from all angles

Video capturing solution covers live events from all angles
A startup from imec and Hasselt University, AZilPix, has developed a solution that makes capturing video content at live events considerably easier and more cost-effective. AZilPix’s ‘Studio.One’ can be operated by a single person. It includes stand-alone, ultra-high-resolution cameras equipped with wide-angle lenses to cover all possible viewing angles during live events (from concerts and music festivals to sports events and even instruction classes at surgical operation theatres).
8th May 2017

Silicon photonics transceiver displayed at OFC 2017

Silicon photonics transceiver displayed at OFC 2017
At OFC 2017, the largest global conference and exposition for optical communications, imec presented a 896Gb/s silicon photonics transceiver of a few mm2, targeting future Tb/s optical links. This achievement highlights the scalability of imec’s iSiPP50G silicon photonics platform, paving the way for next-gen short-reach optical interconnects. Driven by exponential growth for interconnect bandwidth in datacenters, single-mode optical transceivers will need to scale to Tb/s capacity and be tightly integrated with network switches.
10th April 2017

Scientist awarded grant to fund holography research

Scientist awarded grant to fund holography research
Jan Genoe, one of its distinguished scientists, has been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant, Imec have announced. With the grant of €2.5m for a five-year period, Genoe’s team will develop and integrate the breakthrough technology needed to prove the possibility of high-quality video-rate holographic projection.
29th March 2017

Snapscan: the first hyperspectral imaging camera

At this week’s SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco, imec will introduce the snapscan camera: a proprietary breakthrough system concept platform that combines a good signal to noise ratio with spatial and spectral resolution advantages of linescan hyperspectral imaging technology and the ability to acquire data-sets as easily as with a snapshot camera.
2nd February 2017

Multispectral image sensor combines colour and NIR imaging

Multispectral image sensor combines colour and NIR imaging
At next week’s SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco, imec, the research and innovation hub in nano-electronics and digital technologies, will introduce a new image sensor with integrated colour (Red Green Blue, RGB) and narrow-band near-infrared (NIR) filters. 
24th January 2017

Imec introduces broad spectrum hyperspectral imaging solutions

Imec introduces broad spectrum hyperspectral imaging solutions
At SPIE Photonics West, imec will present a new set of hyperspectral sensor and camera solutions with extended spectral range, going from the visible light (VIS) up to near infrared (NIR). The new line-scan VNIR (visible to near-infrared) sensor and snapshot mosaic VNIR camera outperform current solutions in spectral range and compactness.
15th February 2016

First laser arrays monolithically grown on 300mm silicon wafers

Imec and Ghent University present, for the first time, arrays of indium phosphide lasers monolithically integrated on 300mm silicon substrates in a CMOS pilot line. This breakthrough achievement, published in Nature Photonics, provides a path toward high-volume manufacturing of cost-effective PICs with monolithically integrated laser sources. Such laser-powered PICs will revolutionise data transfer between future logic and memory chips.
9th November 2015

Technology for thermoplastically deformable electronics

Technology for thermoplastically deformable electronics
At IMAPS 2015 this week, imec and CMST (imec’s associated lab at Ghent University) present a novel technology for thermoplastically deformable electronics which enables low-cost 2.5D free-form rigid electronic objects. The technology is under evaluation in Philips LED lamp carriers, a downlight luminaire and a omnidirectional lightsource, to demonstrate the potential of this technology in innovative lighting applications.
26th October 2015

Collaboration accelerates silicon photonics prototyping services

Imec and its partners announced that they have successfully completed a three-year programme (2012-2015) to leverage a variety of silicon photonics technologies by making them accessible for industry and academia worldwide. Within the ESSenTIAL programme, funded by the European Commission, imec has worked closely with CEA-LETI, Tyndall Institute, VTT, IHP, TNO and CMC to develop advanced multi-project-wafer services as well as packaging services for silicon photonics. The services were made accessible to industrial players from both small and medium-sized companies, enabling them to test silicon photonics technology.
13th July 2015

Photoresist technology enables sub-μm OLED patterning

Photoresist technology enables sub-μm OLED patterning
Fujifilm and imec have demonstrated full-colour OLEDs by using their jointly-developed photoresist technology for organic semiconductors, a technology that enables sub-μm patterning. This breakthrough result paves the way to producing high-resolution and large organic Electroluminescent (EL) displays and establishing cost-competitive manufacturing methods.
3rd June 2015

Germanium waveguide EAM demonstrated at OFC

At OFC 2015, imec, together with its lab at Ghent University (Intec) and Stanford University, demonstrated a compact germanium waveguide Electro-Absorption Modulator (EAM) with a modulation bandwidth beyond 50GHz. Combining state-of-the-art extinction ratio and low insertion loss with capacitance of just 10fF, the EAM marks an important milestone for the realisation of next-gen silicon integrated optical interconnects at 50Gb/s and beyond.
25th March 2015

Scientists target mid-IR band frequency comb for spectroscopy

Scientists from Ghent University and imec have joined forces with the Max Planck Institute in Garching to realise a frequency comb light source in the mid-IR wavelength band. These frequency comb light sources with an extended spectrum can be used for real-time, extremely high resolution spectroscopy, for instance, to measure the presence and concentration of gas molecules in analytes.
10th March 2015

imec demonstrate hybrid CMOS silicon photonics transceiver

At the the 2015 International Solid State Circuits Conference, imec, in collaboration with the Tyndall National Institute, the University of Leuven (KULeuven) and the Ghent University, demonstrated a 4x20Gb/s Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) hybrid CMOS silicon photonics transceiver. 
6th March 2015

Light & sound interact in silicon nanowire core

Light & sound interact in silicon nanowire core
  Scientists from Ghent University and imec have announced a successful demonstration of interaction between light and sound in a nanoscale area. Their findings elucidate the physics of light-matter coupling at these scales, and pave the way for enhanced signal processing on mass-produced silicon photonic chips.
17th February 2015

Cardio vascular disease detection platform in development

Imec, Medtronic, Ghent University and their partners have announced the launch of a project in which they will develop and validate an early-stage Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) detection platform using integrated silicon photonics.
2nd February 2015

Image sensor features anti-reflective coating for UV light

A Backside-Illuminated (BSI) CMOS image sensor chip featuring an Anti-Reflective Coating (ARC) for UV light will be presented by imec at VISION 2014, which started today and will finish on 6th November. The chip, which was developed using the company’s customised 200mm CMOS fab, is suitable for imaging solutions in markets such as life sciences.
5th November 2014

SEM image detectors enhance performance & reliability

SEM image detectors enhance performance & reliability
  Manufactured at nanoelectrics research centre imec and integrated in FEI Company’s SEMs (Scanning Electron Microscopes), the set of bespoke high-quality electron detector die products will help enhance the SEMs’ performance and reliability.
5th November 2014

WDM interconnect 28Gb/s silicon platform demonstrated at IPR 2014

Improved performance of various key building blocks for WDM optical interconnects in silicon was successfully demonstrated by imec at IPR 2014. The demonstration involved, at wafer-scale, a ring-based WDM filter with an improved thermo-optic tuning efficiency of better than 1nm/mW per channel. The demonstration also included a thermally tunable 28Gb/s ring modulator with an efficiency of 260pm/mW, and a high-speed germanium photodetector achieving an average responsitivity of 0.85A/W, and opto-electrical bandwidth of 50GHz with dark currents at –1.0V below 50nA.
25th July 2014

Fiber-optic sensor system leads way toward smart composites

Imec, Ghent University, and their partners in the European FP7 project SMARTFIBER have demonstrated the world’s first miniaturised fiber-optical sensor system than can be fully embedded in a composite material. This leads the way toward smart composites that enable continued and automatic monitoring of the structural health of the composite material in -for example- tidal blades, wind turbines, airplanes (fuselage, wings) or marine structures (masts, antennas, hulls of sail yachts, navy ships, propellers).
1st July 2014

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