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Laser protection boosted in latest infrared systems

The designer and manufacturer of high-precision optical filters including laser protection filters used by the American military and others, has developed technology to protect the detectors in advanced infrared cameras and sighting systems.
8th July 2016

The first executive infrared imaging forum to take place in Shenzhen

The uncooled thermal camera market re-entered a growth phase in 2015 thanks to the sucess of military demand and a dynamic commercial business. Shipments are today clearly driven by the three expanding commercial markets: thermography, automotive and surveillance.
5th July 2016

Chemical sensing technique uses near-infrared light

Chemical sensing technique uses near-infrared light
Researchers from the University of Houston have reported a technique to determine the chemical composition of materials using near-infrared light. The work could have a number of potential applications, including improving downhole drilling analysis in the oil and gas industry and broadening the spectrum of solar light that can be harvested and converted to electricity, said Wei-Chuan Shih, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at UH and lead author of a paper describing the discovery published in Nano Letters.
23rd June 2016

Simultaneously acquire colour & near-infrared images

Masatoshi Okutomi and colleagues at Tokyo Institute of Technology and Olympus R&D have developed a new imaging system for simultaneous acquisition of colour (RGB) and Near-InfraRed (NIR) images using only a single image sensor.
15th June 2016

Material can convert near-infrared beam into visible light

Material can convert near-infrared beam into visible light
  A team of researchers working at Philipps-Universität Marburg, in Germany has created a kind of material that is able to convert a near-infrared laser beam into a visible beam of light. In their paper published in the journal Science, the team describes the material, how it was made and the possible ways it might be used.
13th June 2016

Tunable lasers to improve infrared spectroscopy

A development from Northwestern University's Manijeh Razeghi could be another tool for protecting our borders. Supported by the Department of Homeland Security, Razeghi's lab has created a broad-band tunable infrared laser that has implications for the detection of drugs and explosives. The robust, all solid-state laser can be rapidly tuned to emit in the wavelength range that encompasses the critical "fingerprint" region where most molecular features are absorbed and identified through infrared sensing.
9th June 2016

Conversion cards for infrared radiation

Conversion cards for infrared radiation
Two new converter cards for infrared radiation have been added the range of conversion screens available from Laser Components. The LDT-008TL can be used to convert laser radiation from 800 to 1,600nm into red visible light (except for the incident range of 950 to 980nm for which it emits in green). 
18th November 2015

Infrared LEDs employ Nanostack technology

Infrared LEDs employ Nanostack technology
The new SFH 4715AS and SFH 4716AS infrared LEDs (IREDs), part of the IR OSLON Black family from Osram Opto Semiconductors are now being shipped by Mouser Electronics. These small infrared LEDs improve on previous generations of OSLON Black SFH 471x IREDs, increasing output to over 1Watt. The SFH 471xAS IREDs are built on an optimised package and Nanostack technology, in which each chip has two emission layers.
7th October 2015

Near-infrared device makes it easier to find veins

Near-infrared device makes it easier to find veins
A device that allows medical professionals to see exactly where a patient’s veins are has been introduced by Christie Medical Holdings. The VeinViewer Vision2 works by projecting near-infrared light onto the patient’s skin, which is then absorbed by the blood. The information captured is processed and projected back onto the surface of the skin in real-time.
20th August 2015

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