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Lumics GmbH introduces a new series of powerful 1470nm and 1540nm Diode Laser heads

Due to the compact design and high efficiency, the laser is the first choice for integration into highly sophisticated laser devices
23rd May 2011

Dual Clad HPCF for Laser Power Delivery

Optical fibers with a glass core, glass clad and a secondary hard polymer clad, known as Dual Clad fibers, have been successfully used for years for laser power delivery in minimally invasive medical treatments, such as laser lithotripsy. The dual clad is capable of delivering increased laser power compared to regular single clad hard polymer clad silica optical fiber (HPCF) that has a glass core and polymer cladding. This is because the glass is much more heat resistant than the polymer that forms the cladding in the single clad HPCF. The dual clad has a secondary polymer clad that confines some of the cladding mode light in the fiber, which otherwise might escape under bend conditions.
11th May 2011

Fiber Coupled Diode Laser Beam Parameter Product Calculation and Rule for Optimized Design

It is desirable to calculate the 'diagonal' (fiber) BPP, using the BPPs of the fast and slow axes before detailed design and simulation processes. A commonly used expression derived in an earlier work has been found to consistently under-predict the fiber BPP (i.e. better beam quality is predicted than is actually achievable in practice). In this paper, using a simplified model, we provide the proof of the proper calculation of the diagonal component of the fiber BPP using BPPs of the fast and slow axes as input. Using the same simplified model we offer proof that the fiber BPP can be shown to have a minimum (optimal) value if certain rule between the conjugate variables of beam sizes and the numerical apertures along the two axes is obeyed. This optimization is easily calculated before detailed design and it offers valuable insights for the detailed design.
6th May 2011

ProPhotonix Expands its Product Portfolio with New High-Power Blue and Violet Opnext Laser Diodes

ProPhotonix Limited, announced that it will distribute two new high-power laser diodes from opnext
28th April 2011

Coherent Introduces High Performance, CW, DPSS Laser

Coherent, Inc. has expanded its highly successful MATRIX™ series of diode-pumped, solid-state lasers with a new model that delivers 10W of continuous wave power at 1064 nm
27th April 2011

Coherent Launches Sapphire SF – Ultra Narrow Linewidth OPSLs at 488 nm and 532 nm

Coherent, Inc. has expanded their Sapphire™ line of compact, CW, visible lasers with several ultra-narrow linewidth models.
27th April 2011

QD Laser, Inc. Commercializes a 1064-nm DFB Laser Module with Excellent Single-Mode Oscillation Property

QD Laser, Inc. today announces the commercial release of its latest leading-edge technology innovation, the QLD1061, a single-mode distributed feedback (DFB) laser module emitting at the wavelength of around 1064 nm.
15th April 2011

Introducing the New 500W Fiber Laser

JK™ Lasers will be launching a new addition to the JK Fiber Laser range.
13th April 2011

Techspec laser-line right angle prisms

Edmund Optics has introduced a new range of laser-line right angle prisms under its Techspec brand
13th April 2011

Frankfurt Laser Company Introduces New High Brightness 50W Fiber Coupled Pump Laser Diode

Due to the rapid developments in laser technology, Frankfurt Laser Company is pleased to offer the FBLD-9XX-50.00-2Pin. The fiber coupled laser diode has 50W power output into a fiber 105µm in diameter and NA 0.15 or 0.22. Wavelengths available are 915, 940 and 976nm. This high brightness diode has use in many application fields and provides high efficiency, stability and excellent beam quality.
13th April 2011

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