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Cree LED Bulb Delivers Vibrant Color with Less Energy

Cree has introduced the LRP-38 LED lamp. Now shipping in volume, this light provides a tightly-focused beam, exceptional color quality, extended life and unmatched energy-efficiency. Designed for display and retail installations, the Cree LRP-38 is a narrow beam spotlight for use in supermarket produce displays, department stores, and museums—especially where exceptional color quality is valued. The lamp is currently being evaluated in grocery, department and furniture stores, as well as in big box retailers, where it replaced halogen and ceramic metal halide bulbs.
28th April 2009

Cree Announces Industry's Smallest ANSI-Compliant LED Bins

Cree Announces Industry's Smallest ANSI-Compliant LED Bins
As the only LED manufacturer to offer lighting-class LEDs in the entire ANSI color space, Cree, Inc. has announced expanded binning for the XLamp XP LED family. Cree is sub-binning its entire warm/neutral white color space into the industry’s smallest offerings while also standardizing two cool white bins.
21st April 2009

Hawco offers energy-efficient LED lighting products for food

Hawco offers energy-efficient LED lighting products for food
Hawco has expanded the availability of energyefficient LED lighting products for display applications by offering Nualight’s advanced Vantium LED Series. As the new United Kingdom distributor for Nualight, a global specialist in LED technology for food retail displays, Hawco combines the energyefficient Vantium LED Series with superior engineering capabilities and premier customer service to meet customers’ display lighting requirements.
27th March 2009

Avago Announces 3W Tricolor Moonstone Power LED

Avago has announced it first 3W Moonstone tricolor red, green and blue LEDs for use in a wide range of solid-state architectural and commercial lighting applications. Avago’s competitively priced ASMT-MT00 3-in-1 LEDs delivers one of the brightest light output performances in the industry at 108 lumens and can be independently controlled to enable color-changing and mixing capabilities to meet the needs of designers developing decorative, retail, and wall washing lighting applications.
18th March 2009

Cree Launches LED Product Characterization Tool

Cree has launched a Product Characterization Tool, an interactive LED design tool that simplifies the task of translating nominal LED performance to real-world conditions. The online tool, accessible via www.cree.com, allows users to easily characterize any XLamp LED over a wide range of operating conditions, including drive current, flux bin, price and junction temperature. It also calculates metrics such as lumen output, lumens per watt, lumens per dollar and more.
17th March 2009

Optek’s LEDs Provide Uniform Optical Light Patterns

Optek’s LEDs Provide Uniform Optical Light Patterns
Providing design engineers with devices capable of uniform optical light patterns over an extended temperature range, TT electronics OPTEK Technology has developed a family of ultraviolet LEDs in the UV-A spectrum. Designated the OUE8A Series, the UV LEDs are offered in a variety of wavelengths and housed in hermetic TO-46 metal can packages.
16th February 2009

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