Afraid of the dark? There's a smart bulb for that

15th August 2017
Posted By : Alice Matthews
Afraid of the dark? There's a smart bulb for that

Since the invention of the incandescent light bulb in 1879, lights have illuminated every aspect of our lives. A supposed breakthrough in the electronic world that connects humans to light is launching its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on 5th September. Heelight is a digital sound controlled bulb. It needs neither internet nor Bluetooth and iIt can understand digital sound command’s instruction.

There are 30 different modes in Heelight that can variably be used remotely through your mobile phone according to your preferences. These modes include Night light mode, Candle mode, Music and Rock mode, Christmas mode, and reading mode.

With Heelight assisting you as a watchman for you, night terror is not a problem anymore. Go in the app and adjust Heelight to nightlight mode before you go to bed, Heelight will dim slowly. Afraid of getting up during the night? Heelight will smartly recognise your movement through a sound emitted by your phone during the night and leisurely brighten again for your convenience.

If you have some exciting nights to stay awake like birthday parties and special occasions, the light can be even more helpful in case you forget to buy candles or concern your kid’s safety to blow real candles. Turn it to the candle mode on your phone. It will switch off after you blow it for 1-1.5 seconds, and light up again after three to four seconds. According to its creators, MicroNovelty, Heelight is the only light which gets switched off after you blow it like a candle.

Heelight is also useful for music lovers. Adjust Heelight, change it to Rhythm mode when you play music, the light will change colour when it catches variation of rhythm, and the brightness will change when the volume of music changes. Heelight is a smart bulb that dances with your favourite song.

When it comes to our significant festivals like Christmas, Heelight plays an important role as Christmas tree. With Heelight, you can appreciate the four Christmas colour changing along with time right at home with your family and friends.

Heelight is not only for entertainments. It is also considerate for you to read or study. Change it to reading mode, Heelight will response smartly and the light will turn to pure stable white without flashing. Take care of your eyes with Heelight while you are reading.

In this new technology age, we hear about smart devices everywhere. Let’s pause a bit and ask ourselves, while developing new technologies, are we doing this because we want the device to look smart or we are doing it based on the pursuit of better user experience? Heelight is a digital sound controlled bulb that chases for concise operation experience. MicroNovelty abandon all these burdens of internet or Bluetooth to give the owners of Heelight a historical chance to establish an intimate relationship with light.

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