Smart lighting manager enables constant lux levels

21st January 2015
Posted By : Nat Bowers
Smart lighting manager enables constant lux levels

ams has introduced what it claims to be the industry’s first integrated chip-scale IoT-connected smart lighting manager. The AS721x Autonomous Daylighting Manager integrates photopic sensors to sense the ambient daylight and enable the delivery of constant lux levels by managing subtle adjustments as the amount of outside light varies.

The smart lighting manager solution delivers cost-effective, IoT-connected, integrated control capabilities to luminaire, light engine and replacement lamp manufacturers. The integrated photopic sensors built with nano-optic filters also help to address the growing challenges of energy-saving lighting mandates, including daylighting controls. This is more cost-effectively met by bringing the controls, connectivity, i.e. Bluetooth, and high-granularity sensing into the luminaires themselves.

System-level sensing and control capabilities greatly reduce system costs and shorten time-to-market. The AS721x family integrates a sensor-based manager into each luminaire, optimising the overall responsiveness and efficiency of the lighting system to increase energy savings, as well as deliver accurate lumen maintenance over time and temperature variations. It also allows fully connected luminaire systems to respond to building- or space-level command and control strategies.

Competing solutions require users to 'build your own' devices with discrete components, including sensors, processors, memory and I/O chips, which require design, integration and time-consuming programming of control and communications algorithms. The AS721x family, however, delivers a fully integrated solution. This provides  users with a high level of integration at far lower cost and complexity than using discrete components.

Designed for integration into both replacement lamps and luminaires the AS721x family accepts standard 0-10V dimming inputs and provides 0-10V and PWM outputs. The serial UART interface and complete Smart Lighting Command Set enables rapid integration with standard networking and communications, including BLE, WiFi, ZigBee, Ethernet and RS-485. An I2C interface provides sensor-hub expansion capabilities for added IoT flexibility.

Sajol Ghoshal, Responsible for Emerging Sensor Strategies, ams, commented: “The AS721x family of smart lighting silicon photonics sensor solutions create a natural IoT sensor hub within smart buildings, which results in an 'Internet of Awareness' through the convergence of IoT-connected lighting and sensor fusion. The AS721x family, with Broadcom's groundbreaking, easy-to-use connectivity from their WICED Smart Bluetooth and SmartBridge platform, delivers a secure, plug & play connection to the IoT for big data aggregation and the anticipated wave of machine learning.”

The AS721x Autonomous Daylighting Manager is supplied in 20-pin 2.1x2.3mm chip-scale and 4.5x4.7mm land grid array packages for less than $3 in 5,000 unit quantities. Production devices will available in Q3 2015.

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