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Optimizing High-Voltage Common Mode Rejection Performance Of The ACPL-x6xL Ultra-Low Power Optocouplers White Paper

The ACPL-x6xL products are optically coupled ultra-low power 10 MBd digital CMOS optocouplers that operate with low power consumption, especially when the light emitting diode operates at low current. When a current is applied to drive the LED, common mode rejection can be affected by leakage paths inherent to the LED. This paper describes the optimization of CMR performance with split limiting resistors at the LED. By YEE Chee Weng and PENG Jia of Avago Technologies.
1st July 2013

Optocouplers For Variable Speed Motor Control Electronics In Consumer Home Appliances White Paper

In addition to industrial applications of variable-speed motor drives, the home appliance market is another major area where three-phase pulse width modulated motor control drives are finding increasing application. Innumerable motors can be found in a typical home. Indeed, the quality of life enjoyed today may be directly attributable to the existence of the electric motor. By Jamshed N. Khan, Optocoupler Applications Engineer, Avago Technologies.
1st July 2013

Smaller Can Be Better: Toshiba’s Latest Photocouplers Offer Increased Voltage Isolation In A Smaller Package

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced two new Triac-output photocouplers that provide reinforced voltage and electrical noise insulation in an ultra-miniature SO6 double-mould package. The TLP265J and TLP266J have a minimum rated isolation voltage of 3750Vrms and have been designed for use in triac drivers, programmable controllers, AC output modules and solid-state relays used in home appliances and white goods.
18th June 2013

Mouser First to Stock Fairchild FOD8160 Logic Gate Optocoupler

Mouser Electronics, Inc. now stocks the new Fairchild FOD8160 logic gate Optocoupler that is ideal for energy generation and distribution, industrial motor, and uninterruptible power supply applications. The FOD8160 high-speed optocoupler supports isolated communications to allow digital signals to communicate between systems without conducting ground loops or hazardous voltages.
21st May 2013

Avago Technologies Unveils New Gate Drive Optocouplers for High Switching Frequency Applications

Avago Technologies today unveiled two new sets of high speed gate drive optocoupler devices, the ACPL-P/W345 and ACPL-P/W346. These devices are 1A and 2.5A gate drive optocouplers designed to protect and drive Power MOSFET and Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET for high switching frequency applications such as inverter, motor control, and switching power supply (SPS). Compared to Avago’s previous generation devices, the ACPL-P/W345 and ACPL-P/W346 are twice as fast in terms of propagation delay.
16th May 2013

Avago Technologies Introduces New Dual-Channel Bi-Directional High Speed Optocoupler

Avago Technologies today announced a new dual-channel bi-directional 25 MBd digital optocoupler device, the ACSL-7210. The device is a dual-channel high speed digital optocoupler optimized for bi-directional industrial communication networks using high speed protocols such as PROFIBUS fieldbus and Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). The ACSL-7210 utilizes Avago’s proprietary IC and patented packaging technologies to achieve 3,750 VRMS signal isolation in a low profile SO-8 package while supporting high speed full-duplex data communications with data rates up to 25 MBd.
16th May 2013

Fairchild Semiconductor’s New Gate Driver Optocoupler Provides Designers High Insulation Voltage and High Noise Immunity

Fairchild Semiconductor’s New Gate Driver Optocoupler Provides Designers High Insulation Voltage and High Noise Immunity
High power industrial applications such as solar inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and motor drives demand a gate driver optocoupler capable of handling networks greater than 690VAC and constant DC voltages greater than1000VDC. In order to achieve this, a creepage and clearance distance of 10mm or greater is essential.
8th May 2012

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