LED traffic light bulbs save costs in many areas and reduce maintenance

4th August 2009
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LED traffic light bulbs save costs in many areas and reduce maintenance
Meeting the growing demand for reduced power consumption, Sirena LED lamps for traffic lights are available from specialist distributor Switchtec. Importantly, the lamps retrofit into the thousands of traffic lights already in service.
Environmentally friendly products are needed in all walks of life – throughout industry, in the home, and in public areas - to meet global demands to reduce the carbon footprint. LED technology has helped in many areas, but Sirena recognized that although the traffic signal industry had developed a solution for new traffic lights, old traffic lights were still in operation in many places. Using retrofit LED bulbs these can be modified to be just as “green” as the newly installed LED traffic lights.

The LED lamps will find favour with traffic light manufacturers (road and rail), traffic light repair/replacement/maintenance companies, and regional authorities and councils.

The Sirena LED lamps are available in two sizes, the FEU 200 has a diameter of 200mm and the FEU 300 has a diameter of 300mm. Both utilise the standard E27 socket for mounting and connection. As required by traffic lights, the LED lamps are available in red, amber and green colours. The LEDS operate from a nominal 230VAC supply, and consume 16W at 70mA.

Sirena’s FEU 200 and FEU 300 are specifically designed in accordance with UNI EN 12368 ‘Traffic Control Equipment’ standard. The bulb’s construction uses 12 ultra bright and compact Luxeon Rebel LEDs mounted on an aluminium printed circuit board to dissipate the heat produced by the LEDs.

Using Sirena’s LED lamps, updating an old ‘bulb’ traffic light to an LED traffic light has never been easier. There is no need to replace the whole unit and replace it with a new, complete, LED version. The FEU 200 and FEU 300 are simply fitted in place of the standard bulbs, job done. Accordingly installation time and cost are greatly reduced, and traffic disturbance is also greatly reduced, as the whole traffic light does not need to be replaced.

Additionally, the life of a traffic light is greatly improved – by as much as 10 times. The FEU 200 and FEU 300 have a guaranteed life of 20,000 hours, compared to a life of 2000 hours for a filament bulb. This increased life also reduces maintenance costs, as blown bulbs will need replacing far less often. Further, the LED technology used in the FEU 200 and FEU 300 has a much higher vibration resistance than a standard bulb.

Due to the greatly reduced power consumption of the LED FEU 200 and FEU 300 LED bulbs, there are large energy cost savings over conventional bulbs. The power consumption of the FEU 200 and FEU 300 is up to 80% less than a standard bulb; 60-70W for a filament bulb and just 16W for the FEU 200.

Although there are LED traffic lights on the market, most use LED clusters that cannot be retrofitted into existing traffic lights.

The Sirena traffic light LEDs are available ex-stock from Switchtec. Switchtec offers full technical backup and support on all of its product lines.


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