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Cree Launches Industry-Leading TEMPO Evaluation Services Furthering Commitment to Success of LED Lighting Manufacturers

Cree Launches Industry-Leading TEMPO Evaluation Services Furthering Commitment to Success of LED Lighting Manufacturers
Cree, Inc. announces the commercial availability of TEMPO Services, a comprehensive set of quantitative and qualitative tests and analyses for LED-based lighting fixtures and lamps. TEMPO (Thermal, Electrical, Mechanical, Photometric and Optical) Services represent the accumulated advantage of Cree’s extensive experience with customer LED systems combined with the use of calibrated test equipment to give LED lighting manufacturers and end users confidence in LED product designs.
7th October 2011

920XC Hand-held Single-mode OTDR from Laser Components

The new Greenlee series 920XC OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) hand-helds by Tempo are fully equipped measuring devices for the inspection of optical fibers and optical fiber systems and for the localization of defects in fiber paths.
3rd October 2011

LM-79 Luminaire Testing form Orb Optronix

Orb Optronix' LM-79 luminare testing fully evaluates the assembled luminaire for total flux, electrical power, efficacy (lm/watt), chromaticity, and angular distribution of light. The laboratory specializes in the measurement of Solid State Lighting lamps per IES standards including LM-79. Orb has participated in several rounds of CALiPER LM-79 Testing, LM-79 Testing for ENERGY STAR® for SSL, and is accredited to provide test and measurement under ISO 17025.
3rd October 2011

B&W Tek Announces Enhanced High Resolution Raman Spectrometer, and New State of the Art Chemometric Software

B&W Tek, Inc. has recently enhanced the industry leading i-Raman® high resolution TE cooled Raman spectrometer as well as introduced a state of the art chemometric software package, BWIQ™. The i-Raman® is equipped with B&W Tek’s patented CleanLaze® technology for exceptional laser stabilization and narrow linewidth. Other features include a spectral resolution as fine as 3cm-1, wide Raman shift coverage up to 4000cm-1, and a TE cooled 2048 pixel CCD array.
12th September 2011

AOI: Agile Optical Inspection

We sounded out one company on how it has adopted AOI to achieve the inspection resource it needed.
31st August 2011

Hamamatsu Photonics Photo Back Illuminated 16 Channel Photodiode Array

Hamamatsu Photonics introduce a brand new, back illuminated 16 channel photodiode array (PDA), designed for use in X-ray non-destructive testing applications.
4th August 2011

1.9 meter integrating sphere for measuring total radiant power and luminous flux

The ISP 2000 from Instrument Systems is the latest pioneering development launched by the leading manufacturer of light measurement systems worldwide. This integrating sphere has been specifically designed with a diameter of 1.9 meters to facilitate precise measurement of total radiant power and luminous flux at lamps, luminaires and large LED modules.
29th July 2011

Compact goniophotometer for packaged LEDs and small LED modules

The compact LEDGON 100 Goniophotometer from Instrument Systems was specially developed for analysis of the spatial radiation patterns from individual LEDs and small LED modules. The entire hemisphere can be measured in the forward direction of the LED.
29th July 2011

Hamamatsu Introduces a New Streak Camera for UV to NIR Measurements

Hamamatsu Photonics introduces a new streak camera series for UV to near-infrared measurements of extremely fast light phenomena. The C10910 series simultaneously delivers intensity vs. time vs. position (or wavelength) information with single-photon sensitivity and temporal resolution down to 1 ps. With such capabilities, these streak cameras are suitable for measuring fast fluorescence lifetimes, response times of quantum devices, electron bunch length and stability for synchrotron and LINAC applications and most photonic applications requiring high temporal resolution.
8th June 2011

Ophir Photonics Group Introduces Pyro-C Line of Laser Energy Sensors; Combine High Damage Threshold, High Repetition Rates, and Wides Range ofWavelengths

Ophir Photonics Group, the global leader in precision laser measurement equipment, today announced at LASERWorld of Photonics the Pyro-C line of Pyroelectric Laser Energy Sensors. An upgrade to the company’s PE line of pyroelectric pulsed sensors, the Pyro-C detectors provide the industry’s lowest measurable energy, longest measurable pulse width, and highest accuracy. The sensors are compact devices that provide a user adjustable threshold, preventing false readings in noisy environments.
6th June 2011

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